Notice to Vendors on Local Banking Charges

The World Bank Group (WBG) leverages multiple channels and methods to process payments to its vendors, including but not limited to, global electronic funds payments.  Payments are made by the WBG based on the purchase order and related vendor’s invoice. Vendors are advised that the WBG is not responsible for banking fees or service charges that the vendor’s bank or service provider levies on payment transactions. The vendor is expected to bear such charges as a normal cost of doing business.  

Local banking fees and service charges are variable and dependent on local regulations and/or the vendor’s relationship with their service provider. We recommend that vendors check with their local bank to determine if any banking charges or service fees will be applicable to electronic payments they receive from the WBG.

For questions related to goods and services provided to WBG Washington, D.C. offices email or call +1-202-458-4288.  Outside the U.S. contact the local World Bank Group office.