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Business Ethics Letter

Corporate Procurement would like to firmly and carefully remind vendors of the expected business ethics for doing business with the World Bank Group. This information is a useful reminder of your responsibilities as described in the World Bank Group’s Vendor Eligibility Policy and Corporate Procurement Vendor Guide.

It is our expectation that you will ensure that you and your employees comply with the highest ethical and legal standards of conduct while doing business with the World Bank Group. In this regard, we ask you to respect our policies and to not offer any gratuity, gift, favor, entertainment, loan or anything of value to World Bank Group staff. Offers of such gifts or anything of value violate our policies and could lead to your exclusion from future contract awards from the World Bank Group.

Similarly, World Bank Group staff, which include short-term consultants, are subject to a code of conduct which prohibits, among other things, the solicitation or acceptance of any gratuity, gift, favor, entertainment, loan or anything of value from anyone who conducts business with the World Bank Group, including vendors, contractors, suppliers or consultants. World Bank Group staff are also prohibited from accepting any type of compensation or commission, as well as soliciting or accepting any promise of future employment from World Bank Group business partners.

World Bank Group Vendor, it is your responsibility to stay abreast of policy changes that could impact your vendor status. Please visit our website at https://www.worldbank.org/corporateprocurement regularly to stay informed. 

Questions should be directed to Corporate Procurement at gprocurement@worldbank.org.