Countersignature requirement elimination for Consulting Contracts/Purchase Orders

As part of Corporate Procurement’s initiatives to streamline processes, Purchase Orders/ Contracts for Operational and Administrative Consulting Firm Services will no longer require a countersignature by the vendor, and World Bank Group’s (WBG) receipt of the vendor’s countersigned contract is no longer a prerequisite to commence work.

The WBG General Terms and Conditions for Consulting Services (Article No. 4. Contract Acceptance) stipulates the other conditions which  acceptance of the WBG contract terms. 

As of March 27, 2017, Consulting Services Purchase Orders/ Contracts will be issued without a vendor signature block. Vendors can commence providing services upon their receipt of the contract and in accordance with the commencement date mentioned in the contract.

For any Consulting Services Purchase Order/ Contract issued prior to the above date for which the countersigned contract has not yet been submitted by the vendor, the WBG will deem acceptance by the vendor when one of the conditions in the Article referenced above is met.

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