Meet Our People

World Bank employees come from, grow up in, and work in nearly every part of the globe.

I'm from ...

Well, actually, that's an interesting question. Because I'm actually Nigerian, however, I was born in the UK. 

I consider myself a citizen of the world... 

I'm from Trinidad and Tobago. 

... I am originally from Iran ...

I'm from Ghana.

... I was born in France ...

I'm from Russia.

... and I grew up basically in Africa. 

I'm from Côte d'Ivoire, the Ivory Coast. 

I'm from Sweden.

I'm from Japan. Tokyo.

I'm from Kolkata, India.

Originally, I'm an Army brat.

I'm from the beautiful island of Jamaica.

I'm from Denmark. 

I'm from Saudi Arabia.

I'm French, I grew partly up in Nigeria, but I was born up in the US, actually.

Originally from Japan

I'm from France. 

I'm from Serbia. 

I'm Brazilian. I'm from Brazil.

I'm from Ireland. I'm from the west of Ireland as you're looking at the map. From a place called County Mayo.

I'm South African American or American South African.