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Our Voices


“The World Bank has offered me extraordinary opportunities to thrive.” 

We must strive to have diversity with inclusion, to create opportunities at all levels for everyone. I’m a single mom, an African woman, a policy wonk -- and much more! I have three kids and have lived and worked in countries all over the world. I bring a unique mix of skills, perspectives, and passions to my work. The World Bank has offered me extraordinary opportunities to thrive.

Meskerem ‘Lily’ Mulatu
Practice Manager, Ethiopian National

“I work to ensure that laws, policy regulations and operational rules provide equal access for all.”

Over the years, I’ve learned that people want many of the same things, a safe place to call home, and a way to provide for their families. In many countries, laws and regulations may not be sufficiently inclusive, people are left out, and many are forced to live on the fringes of society. Having an inclusive mindset is a must when working in international development.

Luis Triveno
Senior Urban Development Specialist, Peruvian national

“We use the most advanced technology to support our mission...”

The World Bank is famous for its work in international development, but you might not think of the World Bank for a career in IT. There are many people like me who support the mission of the World Bank in a non-Operations function.

Bilyana Velikova
Senior IT Officer, Bulgarian national

“My World Bank colleagues were very welcoming; they helped me with everything...”

We had been hearing rumors of the Taliban for a while and suddenly on one afternoon in August 2021, we were told to go home. None of the girls were allowed outside for months. When we did start going outside, girls had to be covered head to toe. We couldn’t go to places where we used to go. There were Taliban guards with guns everywhere. Then I came to Washington, DC for the World Bank’s Junior Professional Associate program. I’d never been anywhere outside of Afghanistan before this. My colleagues helped me with everything from issuing a visa to showing me around and connecting me with other associates.

Wagma Saboor
Junior Professional Associate, Afghan national


  • tiagop
    Tiago Peixoto, Senior Governance Specialist, Brazilian National

    "Seeing the happiness of the people...I knew it was all worth it"

    When I was working in Mozambique, there were many internally displaced people, and they had no identification documents (ID). They had no rights. It took a while, and it was hard work, but I helped them get access to IDs. Seeing the happiness of the people when they finally received their own ID -- seeing some of them clutch their new IDs to their chests -- I knew it was all worth it.

  • HoudaK
    Houda Karafli, Young Professional Program, Moroccan national

    "To see the impact we have on people’s everyday lives was both a humbling moment and a proud one."

    I work in public policy. I remember meeting a beneficiary who was impacted by one of the policies I worked on. To see the impact we have on people’s everyday lives was both a humbling moment and a proud one. The Bank has a great responsibility to see that our support protects the most vulnerable people I’m grateful to be a part of that work.

  • TanyaSisler
    Tanya Sisler, Staff Association Counselor, American National

    “...we have flexible work policies so we can adapt our work schedules to fit our lives...”

    Single parents have unique challenges in that all the responsibilities of raising our children are on us. Some of our single parents live in a different country, far away from families and friends. There’s no one else to take the kids to school, to doctor’s appointments, to get food on the table, to help with their homework, and so on. Traditional 9-to-5 work schedules can be very stressful for single parents. But at the World Bank, we have flexible work policies so we can adapt our work schedules to fit our lives, not the other way around.

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