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Measuring Poverty Research


Working Paper
Mar 01,2014

This non-lending technical assistance (NLTA) is responding to requests by the National Statistical Institute of Peru (INEI) and the Ministry of Social Inclusion (MIDIS) to provide technical assistance to increase...

Working Paper
Vishwanath Tara, Blankespoor Brian, Calandra Faythe, Krishnan Nandini, Mahadevan Meera, Yoshida MobuoJan 01,2014

The Palestinian Territories have a uniquely fragmented geography, characterized by the isolation of Gaza from the rest of the world, and the man-made barriers to mobility within the West Bank. The internal...

Working Paper
Khan Qaiser M.Jan 01,2014

This report is part of a programmatic knowledge series which will include future reports which will go further on the issues covered. These reports will include among others studies based on services delivery ...

Policy Research Working Paper
Ravallion Martin, Himelein Kristen, Beegle KathleenDec 01,2013

While self-assessments of welfare have become popular for measuring poverty and estimating welfare effects, the methods can be deceptive given systematic heterogeneity in respondents' scales. Little is known...