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Environment Research


Policy Research Working Paper
Fortmannm Lea, Salas Paula Cordero, Sohngen Brent, Roe BrianApr 01,2014

Implementation arrangements for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation can be seen as contracts that could address some of the inherent problems with forest carbon credits...

Policy Research Working Paper
Klein Michael, Kaur SumeetFeb 01,2014

Social impact investors, philanthropists, or corporations pursuing social responsibility try to demonstrate that they are indeed "doing good." This essay classifies the various types of measures that currently...

Working Paper (Numbered Series)
Feb 01,2014

This roadmap for environmental and natural resources law enforcement (ENRLE) sets forth a course of action for the World Bank's ENRLE community of practice for FY2013-15. It outlines for senior management a...

Working Paper (Numbered Series)
Rutkowski Michal, Ahmed Kulsum, Kellenberg JohnFeb 01,2014

Russia's exports, imports, and ability to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) continue to grow. In December 2011, after eighteen years of negotiations, the World Trade Organization (WTO) invited Russia to...

Mitigating Climate Change through Restoration and Management of Coastal Wetlands and Near-shore Marine Ecosystems

Lessons from a decade of World Bank support for biodiversity conservation in Sub-Saharan Africa and directions for future investment.

Raffaello Cervigni is the lead environmental economist for the Africa region of the World Bank.
Lead Environmental Economist, Africa region, World Bank
Valerie Hickey, Biodiversity Specialist
Biodiversity Specialist, Agriculture and Environment Services
Toward Africa's Green Future

This report explains the greenhouse gas dynamics of coastal wetlands and marine ecosystems and the importance of these ecosystems' carbon pools for climate change mitigation. Read More »