We are working to bring fast, affordable connectivity to the 4 billion people who still lack access to the internet.


Digital platforms and solutions can improve public service delivery while making governments more open and accountable.


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Open Development Technology Alliance

The Open Development Technology Alliance (ODTA) is a knowledge platform that facilitates the development of and dissemination of ...

The Korean Trust Fund on ICT4D

The Korean Trust Fund on ICT4D, administered jointly by the ICT Sector Unit and infoDev, supports activities that serve as input in the ...

Partnership for Open Data

The World Bank has joined forces with Open Data Institute and Open Knowledge Foundation in a three-year project designed to help policy ...

ITU Partnership on Measuring ICT for Development

The Partnership on Measuring ICT for Development is an international, multi-stakeholder initiative to improve the availability and ...

HELP: Leaders for Transformation Network

Through showcasing success stories and exploring the benefits of ICT, the HELP network has provided knowledge, experience-sharing ...

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