Microeconomics Seminar Series


The Microeconomics Seminar Series is a weekly series hosted by the World Bank's research department. The series invites leading researchers in applied microeconomics from the fields of poverty, human development, agriculture, political economy, behavioral economics, private sector development, and a range of other fields to present the results of their most recent research in a seminar format.

Spring 2019 Schedule of Seminars

Feb 2712:30 - 2:00 pmMC 3-570Frank Schilbach (MIT)Does Poverty Lower Productivity?
March 612:30 - 2:00 pmMC 3-570Nate Baum-Snow (Toronto)The Long-Run Effects of Neighborhood Change on Incumbent Families
March 1312:30 - 2:00 pmMC 3-570Xavier Gine (World Bank)Targeting Inputs: Experimental Evidence from Tanzania
March 2012:30 - 2:00 pmMC 3-570Alessandra Voena (Chicago)Age of Marriage, Weather Shocks, and the Direction of Marriage Payments
March 2712:30 - 2:00 pmG 5-120Jeremy Magruder (Berkeley)Irrigation in Rwanda: Farmers' responses to a massive change in the production possibility frontier
April 312:30 - 2:00 pmMC 3-570Johannes Haushofer (Princeton) 
April 1012:30 - 2:00 pmG 8-090Lucie Gadenne (Warwick)Taxation and Supplier Networks: Evidence from India
April 1712:30 - 2:00 pmMC 3-570Maureen Cropper (UMD)Why Do Discrete Choice Approaches to Valuing Climate Amenities Yield Different Results Than Hedonic Models?
April 2412:30 - 2:00 pmMC 3-570Rebecca Dizon-Ross (Chicago) 
May 112:30 - 2:00 pmMC 3-570Esther Duflo (MIT) 
May 812:30 - 2:00 pmMC 3-570Siwan Anderson (UBC) 
May 1512:30 - 2:00 pmMC 3-570Joana Naritomi (LSE) 
May 2212:30 - 2:00 pmMC 3-570Cormac O'Dea (Yale) 
May 2912:30 - 2:00 pmMC 3-570TBD
June 512:30 - 2:00 pmMC 3-570Andy Foster (Brown) 
June 1212:30 - 2:00 pmMC 3-570Mar Reguant (Northwestern) 
June 2612:30 - 2:00 pmMC 3-570Tristan Reed (World Bank) 

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Last Updated: Mar 19, 2019