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The World Development Report 2018: Learning to Realize Education’s Promise argues that without learning, education will fail to deliver on its promise to eliminate extreme poverty and create shared opportunity and prosperity for all.

Governments in 65 economies took steps to improve women’s economic inclusion, enacting 87 legal reforms in the past two years, however, women continue to face widespread barriers, entrenched in laws, that keep them out of jobs and prevent them from owning a business by restricting their access to credit or control over marital property.

Marking its 15th anniversary, the report notes that 3,188 business reforms have been carried out since it began monitoring the ease of doing business for domestic small and medium enterprises around the world.

Countries often measure GDP, but not wealth—the assets that produce GDP. A new publication provides 20 years of wealth data for 141 countries, providing governments with a fuller economic picture to guide sustainable development decisions.

This report brings to bear new evidence on the benefits and costs of international banking. Countries that are open to international banking can benefit from global flows of funds, knowledge, and opportunity, but the regulatory challenges are complex and, at times, daunting.

As conflicts surge around the world, new approaches to prevention can save lives and money - up to US$70 billion per year.

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April 2018 Commodity Markets Outlook

Oil prices are forecast to average $65 a barrel over 2018, up from an average of $53 a barrel in 2017, on strong demand from consumers and restraint by oil producers, while metals prices are expected to rise 9 percent this year, also on a pickup in demand and supply constraints.


The Global Findex Database 2017

Access to financial services makes it easier to invest in health, education, and business, but 1.7 billion adults remain unbanked. The transformative power of fintech could bring financial services to millions.

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