Macroeconomics, Trade, and Finance Seminar Series


The Macroeconomics, Trade, and Finance Seminar Series is a weekly series hosted by the World Bank's research department. The series invites leading researchers from the fields of macroeconomics, growth, trade, international integration, and finance to present the results of their recent research in a seminar format.

Spring 2019 Schedule of Seminars

Feb 2812:30 - 2:00 pmMC 4-100Lauren Falcao Bergquist (Michigan)Sell Low and Buy High: Arbitrage and Local Price Effects in Kenyan Markets
March 612:30 - 2:00 pmMC 4-100Todd Schoellman (Minneapolis Fed)Structural Transformation by Cohort
March 1412:30 - 2:00 pmMC 3-570Teresa Fort (Dartmouth)Heterogeneous Globalization: Offshoring and Reorganization
March 2112:30 - 2:00 pmMC 4-100Johannes Boehm (Science Po)The Impact of Contract Enforcement Costs on Value Chains and Aggregate Productivity
March 2812:30 - 2:00 pmMC 4-301Daniel Murphy (UVa)
Saving Constraints, Debt, and the Credit Market Response to Fiscal Stimulus: Theory and Cross-Country Evidence
April 312:00 - 1:30 pmIMF HQ1 9-611Treb Allen (IMF)The Welfare Effects of Transportation Infrastructure Improvements
April 11   Cancelled
April 1812:30 - 2:00 pmMC 4-100Eric Ohrn (Grinnel)Tax Policy and Local Labor Market Behavior
April 2512:30 - 2:00 pmMC 4-100Ben Faber (UC Berkeley)Scaling Up Agricultural Policy Interventions: Theory and Evidence from Uganda
May 212:30 - 2:00 pmMC 3-570Joel Slemrod Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Motivations for Tax Compliance: Evidence from Pakistan
May 912:30 - 2:00 pmMC 4-100Davin Chor (Dartmouth)Contracting Frictions in Global Sourcing: Implications for Welfare
May 1611- 12:30pmMC 5-100Manuel Garcia-Santana (UPF)Investment Demand and Structural Change
May 2312:30 - 2:00 pmMC 7-100Alonso de Gortari (Princeton/Dartmouth)Disentangling Global Value Chains
May 3012:30 - 2:00 pmMC 9-100Ezra Oberfield (Princeton)Misallocation in the Market for Inputs: Enforcement and the Organization of Production
June 512:30 - 2:00 pmIMFtbd 
June 1311- 12:30pmMC 3-570Kei Mu Yi 

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