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2012 STEPS Young Entrepreneur Market Place Competition: Short List

August 23, 2012

AUGUST 23, 2012, VIENTIANE--- The World Bank Vientiane Office, AusAID, and the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Laos (YEAL) are pleased to announce the winning proposals of the first round of the 2012 STEPS Young Entrepreneur Market Place Competition.

The list of candidates below will receive 10 days of business training in September from the STEPS program. The training provider will coordinate the training schedule & arrangement with the candidates in the next month. Congratulations.

Name Province Business Area/Proposal Topic
Keosoutchay Praseuth Vientiane Deco-recycle
Manivanh Yongsa Vientiane Lao sweet shop
SiNga Sengsakda Champasak Small library
Phouvieng Thavivone Vientiane Orchid farm
Sainithar Soukhaphorn Luang Prabang Academic English enhancement prior to joining ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)
Kaiviseth Phanphouvanna Vientiane  Tailoring
Thanousin Phasaysitthideith Champasak  Sauce
Oudtakhone Singthong Champasak  Organic pig
Thipphavanh Duangvilaykeo Luang Prabang Food and Beverage
Monvipha  Savannakhet  Fish and Frog Farm
Khampheo Keovongpachan Vientiane Pineapple jam
Noydavin Keophachanh Luang Prabang Bookstore
Malavong  Vientiane  Recycle art product
Ternmaly Vipanya Luang Prabang Silk worm farm
Pany Vipanya Luang Prabang Luang Prabang silk product
Chansamay Sihalath Vientiane Development of supply chain for organic vegetables
Meuytin  Vientiane  Weekend tour
Alex Akkhavong Vientiane  Mobile fruits shop
Anong Sisongkham Vientiane  Pineapple sauce
Somsanith Sithongbay Champasak  Organic dragon fruits farm
Chansavang Soukphilanouvong Luang Prabang Craft from coconut shell
Saithong  Vientiane  Tailor and weaving
Thilaphone Phoumma Vientiane  Hydroponics farm
Palamy Phounsavath Vientiane Housekeeping training center
Vatthana Kounnavanh Vientiane  JST freedom tour
Khamla Senesomphone Vientiane  Cricket farm
Tammany Phommachack Vientiane  Crispy river lever
Korlakoth Vongsouthi Vientiane Duck farm
Latnaphone Hadaoheuang Champasak  Pigeon farm
Mungkonephet Sayasane Vientiane  IT service center
Manisone Savatdy Luang Prabang Lao silk online trading
Siviengxay Sivanna Vientiane  Sweet bamboo shoot
Alan Phayasane Vientiane  Recycle collection shop
Noimaniphone Lorbiayao Vientiane  Hmong handicraf
Oudalone Bounthavong Luang Prabang Golden coated art of Luang Prabang
Phetsavanh Somsivilay Savannakhet  Processed banana
Phonephimon Philakoun Luang Prabang Lao silk
Korlakun Phoummavong Vientiane  Cow farm
Somphavanh Kesonesouk Vientiane  Duck farm
Piyaphong Silipanya Vientiane  Fish farm
Tanavanh Kuengvikham Vientiane  Ear phone rental service
Thongkham Phobaignuen Vientiane  School uniform tailoring
Vanhde  Luang Prabang Strawberry and vegetable farms
Vannadeth Vongphachanh Vientiane  Vegetable packaging service
Vanthakone Dethvongsa Vientiane M&K cleaning service
Kanha Phoummavongsa Vientiane  Vegetable farm using earthworm
Viengsavanh Thammasalo Champasak  Mushroom farm
Visethsin Huangvilay Vientiane  Learning by doing
Thitsavanh Sitthiphakdy Champasak  Sweet shop
Chanthalith Khamvongsa Champasak  Goat farm
Souksavanh Phanthakesone Champasak  Duck farm
Philemon Sitthilath Champasak  Music school
Phoutmalay Keoonsy Champasak  Fish and frog farm
Lamyai Banchong Champasak  Rice mill
Oudon Inthavongsa Champasak  Lemon plantation
Ton Souliyatham Vientiane  Air conditioning
Phounguen Thammvong Vientiane  Vocational school for vulnerable children
Viengdala Phommachack Vientiane  Hand bags
Mondaphone  Vientiane Clothing store
Sonexay Khamthilath Vientiane  Handicraft
Phetmithouna Duangphothong Vientiane Lao hamburger shop
Soukkaphon Souvannakham Vientiane  Roof top
Phomma  Vientiane  Cricket farm
Pathoumphone  Vientiane  Pigeon farm
Soudsakhone Thiladeth Vientiane  Traditional sauna
Soutthida Vilavongsa Vientiane  Lao sweet shop
Latsamy Xong Vientiane  Asparagus
Sidavanh Inthaxay Vientiane  English and computer center
Latdavanh Keochanda Vientiane  Lao cotton
Kongphaeng  Vientiane  Handicraft
Viengmany  Vientiane  Bamboo plantation
Outtamad Singphanh Vientiane  Bamboo handicraft
Kongkhamnad Thanongsy Vientiane  Chicken and duck farm
Alee Senethichack Vientiane  Roof construction
Amphone  Vientiane  Frog farm
Phoutlaty Kongkeomanivong Savannakhet Tailoring school
Phonethida Somphonphakdy Savannakhet  Herbal pillow
Phoumxaydavone Sombounsack Savannakhet  Fruit juice
Vasana Vilabouth Savannakhet  Longan and tamarind  plantation
Kesone Norsouvanh Savannakhet

Sesame oil

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