CSO Program Addresses Key Policy Issues

November 4, 2014


The Civil Society Program was held from October 7 – 11, during the 2014 WBG / IMF Annual Meetings.  It included an Orientation Session on the WBG, a CSO Roundtable with WBG Executive Directors, a CSO Townhall with the heads of the WBG and IMF which was followed by  a CSO Reception.  The Civil Society Program also included a Policy Forum comprising  55 dialogue sessions (see schedule) on a wide range of development topics.

Over 800 CSO representatives from more than 80 countries participated in the Civil Society Program, (see system generated list which does not include over 200 event badges issued).  These representatives included 61 CSO / Youth Leaders and Academics sponsored by the World Bank and IMF to participate in the Annual Meetings, (see list of sponsored CSOs).  The sponsored CSOs were selected from  a wide range of institutions  and sectors in collaboration with the World Bank and IMF’s country offices.

The CSO Roundtable with Executive Directors brought together approximately 150 CSO representatives with a record setting 19 of the 25 Executive Directors.  The hour and a half  discussion was co-chaired by Danny  Sriskandarajah, CEO of Civicus and the Dean of the World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors, Merza Hassan and focused on several topics including the ongoing WBG safeguards review, anti-corruption efforts, and social inclusion for sexual minorities, (see Summary Note).  The CSO Townhall with Jim Kim and Christine Lagarde was attended by approximately 250 CSO representatives and focused on IMF's role in macroeconomic stability, the ongoing WBG  safeguards review, and the ebola crisis. (see Summary Note).


The sessions held during the Civil Society Policy Forum also covered  a wide range of topics including safeguards, gender equality, and climate change.  During the forum, World Bank units also organized approximately 10 sessions and held important briefings and consultations on the safeguards review, citizen’s engagement framework, social accountability, and faith-based dialogue.

In addition to the Forum, CSO representatives had the opportunity to participate in flagship Annual Meeting events such as the “Youth Summit”, “Building Shared Prosperity in an Unequal World” and “TEDxWBG: Ending Poverty”.  There were also bilateral meetings with Regional Vice Presidents from the Middle East, Latin America, and East Asia Pacific, as well as with other Bank managers.