The 2017 Global RIA Awards – Highlighting Innovation and Impact of Regulatory Impact Assessments (RIA) in Developing and Transition Countries.
January 05-April 07, 2017

The World Bank Group, in collaboration with the Centre for European Governance, University of Exeter, UK, is pleased to announce the launch of the inaugural Global RIA Awards.

Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) is increasingly used as a tool analyze impacts of proposed regulation, and to structure the regulatory policy process.

RIA refers to a systemic approach by governments to critically assess the positive and negative effects of proposed and existing regulations and non-regulatory alternatives.

The purpose of the reward is to stimulate and facilitate the sharing of innovative RIAs among practitioners and other experts, and to focus on actual impacts of good RIAs (as opposed to merely good RIA systems).

This inaugural Global RIA Awards will reward selected submissions in three categories:

A. Influential RIAs

This category entails cases where RIA has been able to influence the way policymakers think of a policy problem and has had impact on the regulatory outcome. This could take place for instance through well-conducted analyses, new data, and innovative regulatory alternatives.

B. Innovative data collection and consultation

The availability and quality of data is a major hurdle for RIA practitioners around the world. This category of the RIA awards will reward RIAs that have been able to find innovative solutions to overcome scarcity of data, for instance through reconsideration of available data sources and new ways to consult with stakeholders.

C. Inventive regulatory alternatives

RIA is a tool to present during the design phase the different available options to solve a specific problem. This category will reward submissions having proposed solutions that challenge traditional ways of thinking, and that provide solutions that are fit for purpose.

The nomination must be submitted by a public organization, such as a regulatory agency, inspectorate, government department, regulatory oversight unit, local authority (e.g. the licensing department of a municipality). Nominations should be submitted through the form available at the following this link:

The submission should describe in which category the award should be considered, a list of the drafting agency and team, and a narrative explaining the context and methodology of the RIA document, as well as why it should be considered for the award. The following general criteria should be considered:

  • Only institutions in World Bank Group client countries are eligible for participation.
  • RIAs should have been finalized or made public in 2016 or 2017.
  • All nominations should be submitted in English, but RIA documents can be submitted in the language in which they were originally prepared.
  • Only one submission per submitting body will be considered.
  • The preparation of the nominated RIAs must have been led by, and primarily prepared internally by the public agencies.
  • Submissions will be reviewed by a panel consisting of World Bank and external RIA experts.

  • Winning contributions will be featured in a World Bank Group Publication.

  • Winners will be announced in May 2017.

  • CONTACT: Peter Ladegaard, Global Lead, Regulatory Policy and Management, Governance Practice