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2014 World Water Week

August 31-September 05, 2014

Stockholm, Sweden

World Bank Key Collaborating Partner of 2014 World Water Week 

The World Water Week in Stockholm (WWW) is the annual meeting platform for the world’s most urgent water-related issues. Each year, the event brings together over 2,500 experts, practitioners, decision-makers and business innovators from around the globe to exchange ideas, foster new thinking and develop solutions in water. 

World Water Week 2014 will be held under the theme of energy and water in an effort to address the complex interlinkages between the two resources. Significant amounts of water are needed in almost all energy generation processes. Conversely, the water sector needs energy to extract, treat and transport water. Population growth and rapidly-expanding economies place additional demands on water and energy - estimates show that by 2035, global energy consumption will increase by 50%, while water consumption by the energy sector will increase by 85%. At the same time, several regions around the world are already experiencing significant water and energy shortages, which are further excarcebated by climate change. 

The World Bank is one of the three collaborating partners for the World Water Week 2014, together with the IUCN and Sustainable Energy For All. In partnership with the Stockholm International Institute (SIWI), the World Bank will help support the World Water Week 2014 in terms of content development, partnerships and advocacy, drawing from its recent global initiative called Thirsty Energy. Thirsty Energy quantifies tradeoffs and identifies synergies between water and energy resource management and aims to help governments break disciplinary silos that prevent cross-sectoral planning and prepare for an uncertain future.

Submit Abstracts or Event Proposals to World Water Week in Stockholm 

World Water Week 2014 will take place from August 31 - September 5, 2014 in Stockholm, Sweden. For participation and involvement, a recent Call for Abstracts and Event Proposals was launched. The deadline for submissions is January 19, 2014.