Country Office Contacts
Main Office Contact:

In Nairobi:
Peter Warutere

Delta Center
Menengai Road, Upper Hill
PO Box 30577-00100
Nairobi, Kenya

In Washington:
Thomas O'Brien
Country Program Coordinator

1818 H Street NW, Washington DC 20433

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Kenya Research



Policy Research Working Paper
Halliday Katherine E., Okello George, Turner Elizabeth L., Njagi Kiambo, Mcharo Carlos, Kengo Juddy, Allen Elizabeth, Dubeck Margaret M., Jukes Matthew C.H., Brooker Simon J.Feb 01, 2014

This paper investigates the effects of intermittent screening and treatment of malaria on the health and education of school children in an area of low-to-moderate malaria transmission. A cluster randomized trial...

Feb 01, 2014

In Kenya only 1.4 million of the 13 million rural residents with access to improved water supply are served by municipal water services providers. Community-run, small-scale water systems play a crucial role in...

Working Paper
Jan 23, 2014

This booklet presents the ongoing and planned World Bank projects in Kenya, by sector, and identifies the counties where they are being implemented. Its purpose is to provide county governments, citizens, and ...

Working Paper
Farole Thomas, Mukim MeghaDec 04, 2013

This note is a background study to assess policy options to improve competitiveness of Kenya's manufacturing sector, with a specific focus on exports. The focus is on export performance in the manufacturing...

Working Paper (Numbered Series)
Randa John, Wagh Smita, Sanghi Apurva, Umutesi Angelique, Opala Kennedy Mukuna, Nyamumbo Margaret, Karni Barbara, Rabuku SophieDec 01, 2013

Kenyans are living two decades longer; the fertility and infant mortality rates have been cut in half; and school enrollment, at both the primary and secondary level, has more than doubled. On the economic front,...


The Water Services Regulatory Board (WASREB), with support from the Water and Sanitation Program, is exploring the potential for urban water services providers (WSPs) to access medium-term finance from commercial lenders. Read More »

Diarietou Gaye
Country Director for Eritrea, Kenya and Rwanda

Although Kenya's financial system is by far the largest and most developed in East Africa and its stability has improved significantly over the past years, many challenges remain. Read More »