Caglar Ozden

Senior Economist, Development Research Group

Caglar Ozden, a Turkish national, is a Senior Economist in the World Bank's Development Research Group (Trade and Integration team). He received his undergraduate degrees in economics and industrial engineering from Cornell University and his Ph.D. in economics from Stanford University. Prior to joining the World Bank six years ago, he was on the faculty of the economics department at Emory University.

His research explores the nexus of globalization of product and labor markets, government policies and economic development. He has published numerous papers in leading academic journals which explored the dynamics of protectionist trade policies, adverse consequences of unilateral trade preferences, placement of highly educated migrants in unskilled jobs in the US labor market - the brain waste effect. His most current research explores the role of diasporas and social networks on migration flows and patterns, performance of migrants in the destination labor markets, linkages between migration, trade, and foreign direct investment flows and causes of the migration decisions of physicians from sub-Saharan Africa. He has edited three books on migration, remittances, brain drain, and their impact on economic development. The latest, International Migration, Economic Development and Policy, was published in 2007.
Tel : +1 202 473 5549

  • Migration & Remittances
  • Trade