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Material video28 noiembrie 2012

GALERIE FOTO: Aprovizionare fiabilă cu căldură și lumină a caselor și spitalelor din Republica Moldova

Reliable Heat and Light in Moldova's Homes and Hospitals

Moldelectrica's power outages are down and supply is more reliable.

Power distribution is greatly improved thanks to the energy project.

New transmission lines mean fewer losses and greater reliability.

Modern equipment transmits more power at lower cost.

Repairs are done faster thanks to a centralized system and new communications equipment.

Heat and hot water make life more comfortable in Orhei's maternity ward.

A new boiler provides uninterrupted heat for patients and medical staff in Orhei's maternity ward.

New boilers uses less energy, thereby reducing operating costs.

At Orhei, the new heating system financed by the World Bank uses a third less energy.

Stuffing cribs with soda bottles filled with hot water is a thing of the past in Orhei's maternity ward.