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Investment Project Financing (IPF)

Investment Project Financing (IPF) is used in all sectors, with a concentration in the infrastructure, human development, agriculture, and public administration sectors. IPF is focused on the medium to long-term (5 to 10 year horizon) and supports a wide range of activities including capital-intensive investments, agricultural development, service delivery, credit and grant delivery [including micro-credit], community-based development, and institution building.

Unlike commercial lending, Bank IPF not only supplies borrowing countries with needed financing but also serves as a vehicle for sustained, global knowledge transfer and technical assistance. This includes support to analytical and design work in the conceptual stages of project preparation, technical support and expertise (including in the areas of project management and fiduciary and environmental and social activities) during implementation, and institution building throughout the project.

Review and Reform of IPF:

2013 - clarified processes, added more flexibility for borrowers, strengthened effectiveness and developmental impact. 

IPF Resources:    

·        Bank Policy: Investment Project Financing (formerly Operational Policy 10.00)

·        Bank Directive: Investment Project Financing (formerly Bank Procedure 10.00)

·        Reform Paper, Board of Directors, 2012

Project Examples:


Vietnam’s Rural Populace Enjoys Better Healthcare Services Thanks to Smart Investment in Hospital Upgrading



The Kenya Energy Sector Experience