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Results That Change Lives

The World Bank Group is committed to delivering results for developing countries and improving life for the poorest and most vulnerable. Our Changing Lives series highlights the projects that have made a real difference on the ground, and the people who have benefitted.

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Awareness Campaigns in Afghanistan Help Prevent COVID-19

Countering misinformation is an important part of the response to coronavirus. One project in Afghanistan is helping in the battle.

Planning Disaster Responses to Include People with Disabilities

Learn how disaster planning can be made more effective by including the needs of people with disabilities in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Access to Healthcare in Times of Conflict Is Changing Lives in Yemen

Yemen is suffering a humanitarian crisis. Learn how a project is supporting health services despite the conflict.

Program Launched in the Aftermath of Ebola Is Changing Lives During COVID-19

The experience of the Ebola outbreak in 2014 is helping African countries plan their response to the pandemic.



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