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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Response

Guidance Notes

Maintaining trade flows during the COVID-19 pandemic will be crucial in providing access to essential food and medical items and in limiting negative impacts on jobs and poverty.

The speed and scale of the crisis are unprecedented. But governments can ameliorate the impact. This page provides initial guidance for policymakers on best practices to mitigate pandemic-related trade risks, support trade facilitation and logistics, and implement trade policy in a time of crisis.

Additonal Guidance Notes

Recomendaciones Sobre Mejores Prácticas en Facilitación de Comercio para Centroamérica Como Resultado de COVID-19 (Spanish)

Managing Risk and Facilitating Trade in the COVID-19 Pandemic [Español | FrançaisPortuguês | Русский]

Trade Responses to the COVID-19 Crisis in Africa


Data & Research

Trade Policy Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis

Database on COVID-19 Trade Flows and Policies

COVID-19 Trade Policy Monitoring: Food and Medical Products


Working Papers

A Pandemic Trade Deal : Trade and Policy Cooperation on Medical Goods

Covid-19 and Food Protectionism: The Impact of the Pandemic and Export Restrictions on World Food Markets 

The Potential Impact of COVID-19 on GDP and Trade


Blogs & Op-Eds

Trade policy responses to the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence from a new dataset | Dec 11, 2020

COVID-19 and food protectionism | May 24, 2020

Four reasons why globalized production helps meet demand spikes | May 12, 2020

Governments Could Bring Supply Chains Home. It Would Defy Economic Rationality. | May 1, 2020

Leveraging e-commerce in the fight against COVID-19 | April 27, 2020

Trade and the COVID-19 crisis in developing countries | April 9, 2020

Three imperatives to keep food moving in a time of fear and confusion | April 3, 2020

Viral protectionism in the time of coronavirus | March 27, 2020 (Also published in FT)


Other Resources

Trade Talks Podcast: Coronavirus and Trade Restrictions | March 14, 2020



Opening shot from the explanatory video

Managing risk and facilitating trade during COVID-19

Maintaining trade flows as much as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic is crucial in providing access to essential food and medical items and in limiting negative impacts on jobs and poverty. Hear from experts about how countries can mitigate pandemic-related trade risks in a time of crisis.

In Depth


Global Trade Helpdesk

The Global Trade Helpdesk is a multi-agency initiative that simplifies market research for companies⁠—especially micro, small and medium enterprises⁠—by integrating trade and business information into an online portal.


Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)

The World Bank Group has produced empirical research and economic models that assess the opportunities and risks of BRI projects.


Women and Trade

Trade can dramatically improve women’s lives, creating new jobs, enhancing consumer choice, and increasing women’s bargaining power in society.

Additional Resources