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Executive Program on Tax and Digital Transformation

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Launch date: September 14, 2021

The Executive Program on Tax and Digital Transformation has been developed in a collaboration that counts the private sector, civil society, governments, and international institutions: Asian Development Bank, Australian Taxation Office, MIT, the Prosperity Collaborative, VIA University, and the World Bank.

The program is aimed at governments committed to advancing digital transformation of their taxation system, and participants are nominated by governments. After completing the Executive Program on Tax and Digital Transformation, participants will be able to drive strategic change of their country's taxation system through the deployment of innovative and fit-for-purpose digital transformation by:

  • Learning from experienced executives where and how to begin the digital process
  • Recognizing key success factors of transformation processes in other countries
  • Developing solutions that solve business needs
  • Building political support internally and externally for digital reforms
  • Evidencing return on investment
  • Accessing international experts and other resources
  • Receiving upon successful completion of the course an Executive Program on Tax and Digital Transformation certificate

The program will be delivered over the course of 12 months, one module of 2-3 hours per week, offered initially on a pilot basis to governments in the Asia region. The course balances webinars, case studies, lectures from decision makers and experts, interactions with digital solutions providers, and group work. The national context is will be incorporated throughout the program as participants undertake self-evaluation of the digital maturity level in their national revenue administration in discussions with peers and faculty. The Executive Program will be provided by managers, technical experts, and thought leaders from a range of institutions, including world class technology and consulting firms, universities, think tanks, governments, and international financial institutions.

Course Overview [pdf]