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Sourcebook on the Foundations of Social Protection Delivery Systems


People stand on marked spots to practice social distancing as they queue for a donated iftar in Indonesia. Achmad/World Bank

Publication highlights:

  • Social protection delivery systems matter. Policy design and delivery systems need to work hand in hand to yield meaningful programs and impacts. This Sourcebook synthesizes practical knowledge and experience on social protection delivery systems from countries around the world. It answers questions relating to the “how.” For example, how do countries deliver social protection benefits and services effectively, efficiently, and inclusively?
  • The Sourcebook notes that while countries offer a myriad of social programs such as cash transfers, subsidies, childcare, training or labor services, some programs can be fragmented in delivery and are not easy for people to navigate. Simplifying fragmented processes and innovating through a delivery systems approach help put people and families at the center, improve inclusion, reach and coverage, and contribute to efficiencies, quality, and transparency for governments.
  • The Sourcebook takes a global perspective on social protection delivery systems. Examples come from every region (Africa, East Asia and the Pacific, Europe and Central Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East and North Africa, and the South Asia Region) including a range of lower-income, middle-income, and higher-income countries.
  • The Sourcebook covers many types of social protection interventions, including categorical programs (e.g., child allowances and social pensions), conditional and unconditional cash transfers for the poor, unemployment assistance and insurance, disability assistance and insurance, as well as labor and social services.