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BRIEFMarch 20, 2023

Global Public Good: New Free Digital Software to Manage Health and Social Protection Programs

Global Public Good: New Free Digital Software to Manage Health and Social Protection Programs

Washington D.C./Berlin/Bern, March 20, 2023 --- The World Bank, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) have announced an integrated new open-source software package to improve the management of social protection and health financing schemes in low- and middle-income countries.

The new software combines the openIMIS initiative, financed by Germany and Switzerland, with the World Bank`s digital platform CORE-MIS. It will serve as a digital public good and can manage a variety of schemes ranging from health insurance, employment injury insurance, voucher schemes to cash transfers and economic inclusion programs. The software will be available to governments at no cost.

The merger comes in response to global crises triggered by climate change, political, health and economic shocks which require digital solutions with interoperable data and information systems that support coordinated and efficient service delivery. Digital tools serving the operational requirements of social protection schemes are the technical backbone of efficient, transparent, and scalable delivery systems.

Especially in crisis situations, social protection schemes can help cover basic needs and prevent people from dropping into poverty. Social protection schemes limit the widening of the social gap and reduce existing inequalities, especially for women and girls.

openIMIS, launched by Germany and Switzerland in 2016 and coordinated by GIZ, is a versatile open-source software which supports the administration of health financing and social protection schemes. It was designed to manage the complex, high-volume data flows required to operate such schemes by seamlessly integrating beneficiary, provider, and payer data in a single platform.

The World Bank’s CORE-MIS is a robust and free web-based application supporting the delivery of social protection benefits and services. The tool was initially developed to assist with the COVID-19 response and has since grown to more than 16 modules.

The goal of the new joint initiative is the continuous improvement of the software and its implementation, through an expanded open-source community.

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