Building Resilience to Disaster and Climate Change through Social Protection Toolkit

June 23, 2014


Natural disasters and climate change are among the greatest threats to development. As a result of their increased frequency, the economic and social costs of disasters are mounting along with the risk of pushing millions of people into poverty.

Social protection programs can play an important role in protecting poor and vulnerable populations from these events and help them reduce their exposure to them.

This toolkit provides guidance on how to prepare social protection programs to respond to disasters and climate change. The examples of good practice and practical tips for implementation are intended to guide decision makers in countries facing these risks.

The toolkit consists the following components:

1) Brochure (2mb pdf)

2) Synthesis Note

3) Guidance Notes

4) Case Studies

5) Technical Notes (in progress)

6) Video - "Mvua Nzuri: Helping Households Cope with Climate Change in Tanzania"

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