The APMG Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) Certification Program

October 26, 2015


Building APMG certified PPP professionals to tackle infrastructure challenges

The APMG PPP Certification Program aims to improve the performance of PPPs by enhancing and standardizing PPP practices across emerging markets and developing economies where infrastructure challenges still remain.

Every PPP practitioner's goal is a well-executed, successfully implemented transaction, free from setbacks that can add expense and delay benefits. This new program, an innovation of Asian Development Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Inter-American Development Bank through its Multilateral Investment Fund, Islamic Development Bank, World Bank Group, funded by PPIAF and delivered by APMG, can help practitioners achieve the best outcome possible.


This certification program equips PPP practitioners to improve all aspects of the PPP transaction and performance, including: fostering cross-discipline participation thru effective team building; creating a shared understanding between public and private team members; and exposing participants to best-in-class PPPs that can be adapted and replicated.

The program consists of eight modules:

  • PPP Introduction & Overview
  • Establishing the PPP Framework Project
  • Identification & PPP Screening
  • Appraising Projects
  • Structuring and Drafting the Tender & Contract
  • Tendering & Awarding the Contract
  • Managing the Contract Strategy, Delivery & Commissioning
  • Managing the Contract: Operations & Hand Back

Online instructional materials are downloadable free of charge for the Introduction and Overview module, which summarizes the rest of the material. Candidates can study for each of the remaining modules by registering. Credentials will be awarded after passing all relevant exams and demonstrating appropriate experience.


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