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publication November 9, 2018

Law, Justice and Development Week 2018 Video Library


- Program for Monday, November 5th, 2018 - 


Digital Media Sessions 1 & 2: Fundamental Rights in the European Union: An Interview with Michael O’Flaherty, Director of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights + Human Rights, Development and the SDGs

In the first half of the session, Siobhan McInerney-Lankford, Senior Counsel at the World Bank Legal Vice Presidency interviews Michael O'Flaherty, Director of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights in a discussion exploring the Agency's mandate and work, as well as the European Union's response to past and present rights and protection challenges. The conversation highlighted the topics of migration, structural funding and assistance, and how to assess and measure human rights.

Following the first discussion, Siobhan McInerney-Lankford and Michael O'Flaherty are joined by Sandie Okoro, Senior Vice President and General Counsel of the World Bank Group, Gerard Quinn, Professor at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute, and Victor Mosoti, Chief Counsel for Environmental and International Law at the World Bank for a panel discussion to explore the linkages between human rights, the Sustainable Development Goals and development. The conversation addressed the ways with which human rights can help advance the SDGs, and the unique roles different international actors can play in this regard. Watch the replay.



Digital Media Session 3: How Can Law Help Protect Individual Property Rights?

Which safeguards can a legal system provide to safeguard individual property and give market participants equal access to economic opportunities? In this session, Professors Peter Muray from Harvard Law School and Rolf Stürner from University of Freiburg help answer drawing from their extensive expertise in comparative law. Watch the replay.



Digital Media Session 4: Conservation Right: A New Property Right for Sustainability

After 2000 years of property law, the new conservation right has been adopted in Chile. The new decision enables individuals to register, protect and trade environmental intangibles as an asset of property. In this conversation, Giedre Jokubauskaite from the University of Glasgow interviews Jaime Ubilla Fuenzalida, Director of the Chilean Conservation Law Center. Watch the replay.



Digital Media Session 5: Our Responsibility to Prevent Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

In this session, David Moore, acting Deputy Administrator at the United States Agency for International Development, Kimberly Ducimo, Director of Child Safeguarding for Save the Children US, and Diana Jimena Arango, Senior Gender-Based Violence and Development Specialist at the World Bank examine current approaches to preventing sexual exploitation and abuse amond donors and implementers in the aid community to empower vulnerable populations, strengthen accountability, and protect and advance human rights and dignity. Watch the replay. 



Digital Media Session 6: Human Rights of Migrant, Refugee, Asylum Seeking Women and Girls

In this session, Liri Kopaci-Di Michele, Head of Violence Against Women Division at the Council of Europe and Joan Timoney, Senior Director for Advocacy and External Relations at the Women's Refugee Commission highlight the challenges encountered by women and girls refugees and asylum-seekers. The conversation also tackles the legally-binding measures contained in international frameworks and standards such as the Istanbul Convention. Watch the replay.



Digital Media Session 7: Gender Rights in the MENA Region

In this session, Hadeel Abdelaziz, Executive Director of the Jordanian Justice Center for Legal Aid interacts with participants in an inspiring presentation on the free legal assistance in Jordan provided by the Center. The organization offers legal services to the poor, the underpriviledged and the most vulnerable, including refugees. The Justice Center for Legal Aid is presently the largest legal aid provider in the country and is committed to empowrting those who need its services the most. Watch the replay



Keynote Media Session: Bridging the Humanitarian-Development Divide: Different Approaches to Similar Problems

Since the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit, what has the international community achieved to bridge the humanitarian-development divide?

In this keynote session of the Law, Justice and Development Week 2018, Volker Turk, Assistant High Commissioner for Protection at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Helen Durham, Director of International Law and Policy at the International Committee of the Red Cross, World Bank Group Senior Vice President and General Counsel Sandie Okoro, and World Bank Group Vice President for External and Corporate Relations Sheila Redzepi discuss the importance of utilizing the comparative advantages of each organization to contribute towards development in a complementary manner, particularly in relation to this year’s theme of Rights, Protection and Development. Watch the replay.


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