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BRIEF June 23, 2020

Lessons For Education during the COVID-19 crisis: Guidance Notes


Notes providing guidance on the different remote learning options as a response to the school closures from education television programming to the use of educational technologies at scale.

  1. Rapid Response Briefing Note: Remote Learning and COVID-19 Outbreak
  2. Rapid Response Guidance Note: Educational television and COVID-19
  3. Guidance Note: Remote Learning and COVID-19 
  4. Supporting tertiary education for continuity, adaptation, and innovation (COVID-19 Crisis Response
  5. Education TV Knowledge Pack


OECD/Harvard Guidance and Knowledge Resources

Reports assessing how the coronavirus crisis changed schooling and what lessons were learned, to inform and guide future policy responses to the crisis.

  1. Schooling disrupted, schooling rethought. How the COVID-19 pandemic is changing education.
  2. A framework to guide an education response to the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020