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ICT4ED Policy Review Working Group Meeting 2016 (Korea)

ICT4ED Policy Review Working Group Meeting
“Transition of Textbooks: What comes next”
7-8 November 2016
Seoul, KOREA

KERIS (Korea Education and Research Information Service) in partnership with the World Bank and UNESCO, is organizing a working group meeting to explore issues related to the “Transition of Textbooks: What Comes Next”, and to build a platform for participating countries to share their experiences regarding each thematic issue of ICT in education and to facilitate educational cooperation.

Technology in today’s digital society creates the potential to offer a multitude of new possibilities for learning. Also, with the rapid progress of ICT, we can easily access the digital devices which place a greater emphasis on the expanding roles of mobile devices in education as a platform for more efficient communication and lifelong education.  For decades, educational content has primarily relied on physical, hard copy textbooks. In fact, many countries around the world are trying to change their traditional textbook system into a digital one. The transition is happening in different forms in each country. To understand this phenomenon, there first needs to be an overview of the concept of ‘textbook’ and how it is changing in this day and age. In addition, the discussion should continue regarding what it means for each country to change the traditional textbook system into a digital one and how each ministry is managing the transition. It should also be discussed what kinds of important decisions policymakers and educators have to make and the related consequences, costs, challenges. 

Meeting objectives:

  • Exploring policies and practices regarding the transition from paper textbooks to 'what comes next';
  • Sharing related experiences and lessons from both 'successes' and 'failures';
  • Exploring related challenges confronting education systems in various political, economic and social environments; 
  • Strengthening networks among policymakers, practitioners and researchers in participating countries and seeking further cooperation going forward;

20 local and international experts from 10 countries participated in this policy review.

selected presentations

  • The Past, Present and Future of Textbooks
    Seyeoung Chun, Professor, Chungnam National University, Korea
  • Sri Lanka
    S. S. Hettiarachi, Secretary, Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka
  • Peru
    Lucia Acurio, Advisor, Ministry of Education, Peru
  • Belize
    Kieran Ryan, Professor, University of Belize, Belize
  • Poland
    Leszek Bialy, Consultant, Poland
  • "Assessment on Textbook"
    Jaehwa Choi, Professor, George Washington University, USA
  • Cambodia
    Sineth Seng, ICT in Education Officer, Ministry of Education, Cambodia
  • Uzbekistan
    Kozimbek Gafurov, Director, National Multimedia Center, Uzbekistan
  • Kyrgyzstan
    Jarkyn Shadymanova, Professor, Bishkek Humanites University, Kyrgyzstan
  • Jordan
    Reem N. Bsaiso, Founder, Global Outreach, Jordan
  • Korea
    Jeonghee Seo, Chief, Digital Textbook Section, KERIS, Korea

Wrap-up sessions were led by David Hung (Associate Dean, National Institute of Education, Singapore) and Heeok Heo (Professor, Suncheon National University, Korea). 

about KERIS: KERIS (Korea Education and Research Information Service) is a national institute funded by the Ministry of Education of Korea and is responsible for promoting ICT in education to facilitate education innovation as well as strengthening education competitiveness in the 21stcentury. KERIS’s mission is to drive education innovation through the use of ICTs in education, not only in the Republic of Korea, but also worldwide. As a trusted partner, KERIS collaborates with educators, governments, leading experts and specialized institutions to guide the policy making processes of implementing ICT in education on the local and global levels, by developing programs and providing resources.