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Education & Technology Topic Briefs

In response to specific requests about World Bank activities, and as a way to consolidate related information, short topic briefs on issues related to the use of ICTs in education are occasionally prepared. 

EdTech & COVID-19
Resource page with with pointers to documetns and resources of relevance to the use of edtech during the COVID-19 pandemic.

SABER Information and Communication Technologies
A two-page PDF flyer, prepared as part of the World Bank's SABER outreach.

ICT & Education Policies
Documenting national policies related to the use of ICts in education, and how they evolve over time

National Educational Technology Agencies
National ICT/education or educational technology agencies (and their functional equivalents) play important roles in the implementation and oversight of large scale initiatives related to the use of information and communication technologies in education in many countries

Technology Use in Education in Low Resource, Poor, Rural and Isolated Communities
One challenge for educational policymakers and planners with oversight of education activities  exploring the potential use of informational and communication technologies in remote, low income communities is that most models, expertise, and research related to ICT use in education come from high-income contexts and environments (typically urban, or at least peri-urban).

ICT & Education: Data
ICT use in Worlld Bank education projects.

International Surveys of ICT Use in Education
Over the past decade, a number of efforts have tried to survey the extent and nature of ICT use in education around the world.

ICT Teacher Competencies
ICT competency standards for teachers help educational policymakers and curriculum developers identify the skills teachers need to harness technology in the service of education.

Mobile Phones in Education
The World Bank is engaged in a variety of activities investigating issues related to the use of mobile phones in education in developing countries.

Using e-readers and e-books in education in developing countries
The World Bank is currently piloting the use of e-reader and e-book reading devices within a number of education projects.

New Economy Skills for Africa Program - ICT (NESAP-ICT)
NESAP-ICT was an innovative program launched by the World Bank in 2008 to support countries in Sub-Sahara Africa (SSA) in building skills for the knowledge economy.

World Bank - UNESCO Cooperation on ICT and Education
The World Bank has enjoyed a close and productive multi-year partnership with UNESCO exploring issues related to the use of ICTs in education

World Bank - Korea Partnership on ICT in Education
The World Bank enjoys a productive, multi-year strategic partnership with the Republic of Korea exploring a wide range of issues related to the use of information and communications technologies (ICT) in education.

Global Symposium on ICT Use in Education
The annual global symposium on ICT and education brings together senior policymakers and practitioners each year in Korea to discuss emerging issues of common interest.

About the World Bank EduTech Blog
Background information on the World Bank's long-running, and influential, initiative to 'think aloud in public' about the uses (and misuses) of new technologies in education