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Cloud Readiness Toolkit

A diagnostic and planning tool intended to provide recommendations on cloud readiness

More and more governments are looking to move to a cloud platform. Cloud computing has the ability to level the technological playing field and enable countries with limited infrastructure and digitization to leap from countries that have a tradition, and less flexible infrastructure and a large number of large, legacy applications. However, a cloud platform does not replace needed strategic initiatives or overcome existing processes and regulations.  It can be daunting for governments to implement a true cloud platform, especially as there may be specific and unique concerns around areas such as data security when using cloud technologies.

The World Bank Cloud Readiness Toolkit was used as the input for this report. The toolkit consists of two assessments, a country assessment and an application and infrastructure assessment. The toolkit is designed to provide a baseline for a country. This baseline shows how ready a government is to implement a cloud platform, and provides tailored recommendations based on the gaps identified from completing the assessments. These recommendations are only guidelines, and do not replace detailed assessments and planning that will be needed for successful cloud migration.

There are four main sections in this report:

  • What is Cloud Computing?
  • Findings and Recommendations
  • Assumptions
  • Public Cloud Vendor Comparison

The Toolkit is a diagnostic and planning tool intended to provide recommendations for action based on existing good practice.  It does not constitute technical or legal advice and no inference should be drawn as to the completeness, adequacy, accuracy or suitability of the underlying assessment or recommendations.  Without limitation to the immunities and privileges of the Bank under its Articles of Agreement and other applicable laws, the Bank shall not be liable for any loss, cost, damage or liability of any kind as a result of this Toolkit or its use.