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A Global Study on Digital Capabilities

As the digital economy expands and as countries are developing their digital maturity, there is a need for increased focus on coherent digital transformation strategies for a whole-of-government or even whole-of-nation approach. This approach would align the undergirding institutional structures, the physical and immaterial enablers of a digital economy, and digital capabilities towards the ambition of the digital transformation strategy, thereby enabling the desired outcomes.

Digital economy interventions have often focused on establishing the physical and immaterial enablers such as digital infrastructure and applications. However, this study posits that to succeed, digital transformation of countries, regions or cities must be driven by leadership and include strategies that address digital skills for all and fosters a digital culture.

This study is a deep dive into the digital capabilities of leadership, skills and culture and is aimed at stimulating reflection and at repositioning the human capital aspects of digital transformation as a key contributor alongside digital infrastructure and applications. Any digital strategy should supplement investments in technology with one or more ‘fit for purpose’ digital capability initiatives that invest in what is often labelled the 'soft' or ‘people’ infrastructure.