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Analytical Insights Series:

Thought Leadership on Digital Development, Disruptive Technologies, and the Digital Economy

The Analytical Insights series showcases the latest findings, research, and thought leadership from contributors within the Digital Development Global Practice and across the World Bank Group, covering all aspects of digital infrastructure, disruptive technologies, and the digital economy. The articles in this series present lessons learned and practical recommendations for decision makers, informed by insight from the latest analytical research on digital topics at The World Bank, combined with operational expertise from development leaders in the field.  All articles are peer reviewed by subject matter experts prior to publication. 



Featured Articles


Leveraging Data to Foster Development: Where Does the MENA Region Stand?

Greater data flows facilitated by the proliferation of broadband connectivity can serve as a driver for economic recovery and long-term growth of the private sector, modernization of public service delivery, and enhanced transparency in MENA.


Minimum Data Consumption and Affordability

How much data is needed to support online activities, and is it affordable for low-income groups in developing countries?

Young woman is thinking about the statistics

Aligning Data Governance with the Social Contract for Data to Promote Value, Trust, and Equity

In a world where data are becoming an integral part of our lives, data governance has become essential to support the production, use and reuse of data in a safe, ethical, and secure manner.


Internet Connectivity and Resilience in Africa

How have networks across Africa facing significant spikes in internet traffic during the global pandemic held up?


How COVID-19 Has Exposed Cyber Risks in the Health Sector

For developing countries, the COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the need to prioritize building cybersecurity capacity within the health sector and represents a rare opportunity to establish cybersecurity more broadly as a core element of the 21st Century’s development agenda.


Harnessing Artificial Intelligence for Development

How are countries at different stages of digital maturity and economic development approaching national AI strategy, and what policy tools and instruments are they using?

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