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Results Briefs June 16, 2005

Scaling Up Renewable Energy in China: $87 Million in IBRD Financing


Wind turbine in China

World Bank

Results from the World Bank Treasury

  • Purpose: Scale up renewable energy in China to, specifically wind power generation and the creation of financial incentives
  • IBRD Financing: $87 Million
  • Project Term: 2005-2010. Project ID: P067828

The Renewable Energy Scale-up program for China aims to create a legal, regulatory, and institutional environment conducive to large-scale, renewable-based electricity generation, and to demonstrate early success in large-scale, renewable energy development with participating local developers in two provinces. The Project has the following components: The Institutional Development and Capacity Building component was designed to meet national priorities and the needs of the pilot provinces to initiate the scale-up of renewable energy, and will include the following: Mandated Market Policy MMP research and implementation support; technology improvement for wind and biomass; and long-term capacity building. Two subcomponents, one for Fujian Province and one for Rudong Province, are submitted for Board approval. In Fujian, a 100 MW wind farm at Changjiang'ao, Pingtan Island. The Pingtan wind farm will consist of wind turbines, associated civil and electrical works, an extension to an existing control room, a switchyard, and a 15 km, 110 kV transmission line from the wind farm to the Beicuo substation, which will be upgraded to meet the evacuation needs of the wind farm. In Jiangsu, a 25 MW straw-fired biomass power plant at Mabei Village, Rudong County. The Rudong power plant will consist of one 110 ton per hour, high-temperature, high-pressure strawfired boiler, one 25 MW steam turbine, and associated mechanical, electrical, and civil works.