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The Role of Mobile Data in Global Development Research

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Measuring Development 2022

  • Kelan Sing, a fisherman from Taremb community, on Vanuatu's Malekula Island, says he can now text for help while at sea.

It is nearly impossible to participate in the modern economy without mobile devices. Over 6 billion people now have access to smartphones, and the use of sensors to measure things like power quality, cookstove use, and air pollution are becoming more common. The expansion of mobile banking, online social networks, and the sharing economy have made mobile devices essential parts of every day social and economic activity. As a result of their ubiquity, mobile measurement tools and mobile data offer an attractive resource for researchers interested in addressing complex challenges like poverty, climate change, and public health crises around the world.

At Measuring Development 2022: The Role of Mobile Data in Global Development Research, we took a look at how researchers and policymakers are using mobile data to conduct innovative research to solve global challenges. MeasureDev featured a series of presentations, panel discussions, and lightning talks on novel applications of mobile technology and mobile data for research. Participants will learn about the frontiers of measurement using mobile devices, and gain perspectives from leading academic and industry pioneers. 

  • The World Bank
    Sveta Milusheva
    World Bank

    Sveta is an Economist in the Development Impact Evaluation (DIME) department at the World Bank. She coordinates the ieConnect program of impact evaluations focused on transport investments and within this program leads the work on urban mobility.