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Infrastructure Monitoring

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Measuring Development 2016

  • Power lines in Bulgaria
    Power lines. Bulgaria. Photo: Boris Rumenov Balabanov / World Bank

On Thursday, October 13th the DIME Group of the World Bank and CEGA co-hosted a workshop at UC Berkeley, on new technologies to monitor performance of infrastructure investments in the developing world.

The workshop served as a forum for DIME staff and researchers to explore the use of sensor networks (IoT), remote sensing (satellite/LiDAR), and other technologies for measuring and evaluating the economic performance of infrastructure investments– from transport systems and utilities to rural infrastructure (like irrigation and warehousing). Participants included tech sector companies like, Premise, Digital Globe, Facebook, and Cisco plus researchers from Stanford, Berkeley, UC San Diego, MIT, Portland State, and more.

  • Headshot of Marshall Burke
    Marshall Burke
    Stanford University
  • Ran Gold blatt headshot
    Ran Goldblatt
    UC San Diego
  • Evan Thomas headshot
    Evan Thomas
    Portland State University
  • Gordon Feller photo
    Gordon Feller
  • Shay Har-Noy Headshot
    Shay Har-Noy
    Digital Globe
  • Michael Lepech headshot
    Michael Lepech
    Stanford University

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