DIME Writes

DIME Writes aims to ensure all outputs meet a minimum quality standard and improve publication opportunities by investing in making DIME research more readable. We also want to ensure that DIME research findings reach a broader audience by helping staff translate technical papers for non-technical audiences. DIME Writes offers the below services to researchers outside of DIME.


World Bank OLC 

Technical Writing at the World Bank: Avoiding Pitfalls, Engaging Readers, and Growing as a Researcher

This course, delivered by DIME Writes, is designed for researchers to improve their writing skills across a range of writing styles and renew their passion for disseminating research. This four-hour, in-person workshop is the first OLC writing course tailored to World Bank researchers and fulfills an identified demand for tailored writing support. 

Through small group sizes, the workshop, led by a PhD-level researcher and writer, is an interactive way to sharpen writing skills. Topics covered include improving punctuation, verb tense, transitions, and concise writing; crafting strong academic pieces and impactful reports; and penning briefs and blogs that deliver. Examples are primarily taken from writing at DEC, but are applicable more broadly to technical and academic writing across the World Bank.

The workshop will conclude with a short presentation on the types of services that DIME Writes offers.

Editing and Writing Support

DIME Writes offers as-needed, PhD-level editing support to DEC researchers using either American English (used by the World Bank) or British and UN English (for example, used by FCDO, the European Union, and the World Food Programme).

DIME Writes also offers brief and blog writing services—taking researchers’ findings and “translating” them into a brief or blog. 

Products that DIME Writes has contributed to have been published by VoxDevLet’s Talk Developmentthe World Food ProgrammeNature, and The Review of Economics and Statistics.

Please contact efrankham@worldbank.org for more information about editing and writing support.

  • Emma Frankham is a Technical Writer and leads DIME Writes

    Emma Frankham

    Emma is a Technical Writer and leads DIME Writes, an initiative to improve the quality of writing at DIME. DIME Writes provides editing and writing support through workshops, writing resources, and one-to-one editing services with the support of Editor STCs. Emma has a PhD in Sociology and an MA in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin–Madison, and a BA (Hons, First Class) in Political Science from the University of Birmingham (UK). She has been working with DIME since 2020.
  • Timothy Lundy,  experienced copy editor, DIME

    Timothy Lundy

    Timothy (“Tim”) joined DIME as an editor in 2022. He is an experienced copy editor with a comprehensive understanding of scholarly writing and publishing, and a background in teaching and nonprofit communications. He also has experience managing proofreading, copy editing, and developmental editing projects for academic clients. He holds a BA in English and Classical Languages from the University of Nebraska and a PhD in English and Comparative Literature from Columbia University.