World Bank Development Research Programs

Located within the Development Economics Vice Presidency, the Development Research Group is the World Bank's principal research department and produces the majority of the World Bank's research. With its cross-cutting expertise on a broad range of topics and countries, the department is one of the most influential centers of development research in the world. The following is a list of the programs within the Development Research Group and their specializations.

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    Finance & Private Sector Development

    This research program focuses on understanding the role of the financial and private sectors in promoting economic development, and reducing poverty and identifying policies to improve their effectiveness
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    Human Development

    Human development is at the core of the World Bank’s strategy to improve people’s lives and support sustainable development. This research program spans education, health, social protection, and labor.
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    Macroeconomics & Growth

    This research program seeks to identify the factors behind the diversity in aggregate economic performance across the world and understand how it is affected by policy and institutional changes under different country circumstances.
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    Poverty & Inequality

    This research program aims to improve current data and methods of poverty and inequality analysis, and use it to better understand the effectiveness of specific policies to reduce poverty and inequality.
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    Sustainability & Infrastructure

    Lasting poverty reduction requires sustainable natural resource management as well as infrastructure development. This research program encompasses energy, environment, land, agriculture, water, climate change, biodiversity, and urbanization.
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    Trade & International Integration

    This research program seeks to better understand the role of international trade in goods and services, foreign direct investment, and migration in economic development.