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Human Development

June 23, 2020

Human development is at the core of the World Bank’s strategy to improve people’s lives and support sustainable development. The Human Development research program spans education, health, social protection, and labor.

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    Understanding the Epidemiology of COVID-19

    April 14, 2020
    In this Development Policy and COVID-19 e-seminar, staff from the World Bank and Imperial College London discussed the basic underpinnings of the epidemiology of COVID-19, current epidemiological models of COVID-19 transmission, and the effectiveness of various non-pharmaceutical interventions in reducing transmission—with a focus on lessons for low- and middle-income countries. Timestamps: 2:13 - Jed Friedman (World Bank) and Damien de Walque (World Bank); 21:54 - Patrick Walker (Imperial College London); 127:10 - David Wilson (World Bank); 137:04 - Marelize Gorgens (World Bank)
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    Tracking Health Equity and Financial Protection in 196 Countries

    June 2019
    The 2019 Update of the Health Equity and Financial Protection Indicators Database: An Overview outlines changes made in this year's Health Equity and Financial Protection Indicators database. A well-recognized resource about to celebrate its 20th anniversary, the database tracks progress on equity and financial protection in health sectors of developing countries. The 2019 version broadens its focus, including data on financial protection for 149 countries based on 646 surveys.


Peer Effects on Violence: Experimental Evidence from El Salvador
Lelys Dinarte Diaz
World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 9187, March 2020

Toward Successful Development Policies: Insights from Research in Development Economics
Erhan Artuc, Robert Cull, Susmita Dasgupta, Roberto Fattal, Deon Filmer, Xavier Giné, Hanan Jacoby, Dean Jolliffe, Hiau Looi Kee, Leora Klapper, Aart Kraay, Norman Loayza, David McKenzie, Berk Özler, Vijayendra Rao, Bob Rijkers, Sergio Schmukler, Michael Toman, Adam Wagstaff, and Michael Woolcock
World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 9133, January 2020

Improving Preschool Provision and Encouraging Demand: Heterogeneous Impacts of a Large-Scale Program
Jan Berkes, Adrien Bouguen, Deon Filmer, and Tsuyoshi Fukao
World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 9070, December 2019

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The Aggregate Income Losses from Childhood Stunting and the Returns to a Nutrition Intervention Aimed at Reducing Stunting
Emanuela Galasso and Adam Wagstaff, Economics & Human Biology 34 (C): 225‐38, 2019.

A comprehensive assessment of universal health coverage in 111 countries: a retrospective observational study
Adam Wagstaff and Sven Neelsen, Lancet Global Health 8 (1): e39-e49, January 2020.

Relative measures of genocide mortality: Benefits and methodological considerations of using siblings’ survival data
Damien de WalqueJournal of Genocide Research 22 (1): 112-115, 2020 | Working Paper Version.

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