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September Seminar



Lessons Learned from the EBRD Cross-Regional Court Performance Assessment Project


Yulia Shapovalova; Patricia Zghibarta; Illia Chernohorenko; Svetozara Petkova; Jarosław Bełdowski; Vihar Georgiev; Oleksii Yurchenko; Veronica Bradautanu; and Patricia Zghibarta



Yulia Shapovalova, Veronica Bradautanu, Svetozara Petkova, Patricia Zghibarta, and Illia Chernohorenko


Thursday, September 28, 2023

10:00 – 11:00 AM (EST)


HYBRID SEMINAR: Webex and Room F-3K-E-400


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This seminar is focused on the EBRD project Cross-Regional Court Performance Assessment under the Regional Framework Project on Digital Transformation of Courts – Development of Online Courts for Small Claims. The initiative aims to define a set of performance indicators with a focus on the digital transformation of commercial dispute resolution processes. As part of it, an assessment was initially conducted in 17 EBRD economies in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus, Central Asia, South-Eastern Europe, Southern and Eastern Mediterranean, and Türkiye. The assessment evaluates the extent to which these jurisdictions are ready to introduce, or have already introduced, online courts. Online court refers to a fully online dispute resolution process where a case is determined by a human judge without hearings. Their establishment in EBRD regions aims at improving SMEs’ access to justice and reducing the workload of courts.

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