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March Seminar



Government Procurement and Access to Credit: Firm Dynamics and Aggregate Implications


Julian di Giovanni (Federal Reserve Bank of New York), Manuel García-Santana (World Bank), Priit Jeenas (Pompeu Fabra University), Enrique Moral-Benito (Bank of Spain) and Josep Pijoan-Mas (Centre for Monetary and Financial Studies)



Manuel García-Santana


Wednesday, March 8, 2023

10:00 – 11:00 AM (EST)


HYBRID SEMINAR: Webex and Room F-3K-E-400



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We provide a framework to study how different public procurement allocation systems affect firm dynamics and long-run macroeconomic outcomes. We build a new panel dataset of administrative data for Spain that merges credit-register loan data, quasi-census firm-level data and public procurement project data. We find evidence consistent with the hypothesis that procurement contracts provide valuable collateral for firms, and that they do so to a greater extent than private-sector contracts. We then build a model of firm dynamics with both asset-based and earnings-based borrowing constraints and a government that buys goods and services from private-sector firms, and use it to quantify the long-run macroeconomic consequences of alternative procurement allocation systems. We find that policies that promote the participation of small firms have sizeable macroeconomic effects, but their net impact on aggregate output is ambiguous. These policies help small firms grow and overcome financial constraints, which increases output in the long run. However, they also reduce saving incentives for large firms, decreasing output. The relative strength of these two forces and hence which of them dominates crucially depends on the type of financial frictions firms face and the specific way the policy is implemented..

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