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Centre for Financial Reporting Reform

The World Bank Centre for Financial Reporting Reform (CFRR) located in Vienna, Austria, is responsible for the World Bank’s corporate financial reporting activities across the Europe and Central Asia region.

The Centre provides knowledge services and capacity development assistance. Services include analytical and advisory services, learning and skill development, know-how and knowledge transfer, and technical assistance and institutional strengthening.

We use a robust process to identify countries‘ needs and to assist with the design and implementation of comprehensive reform programs:

  • Robust diagnostic underpinnings, based on international and EU benchmarks, carried out to a very high standard of quality–the Accounting and Auditing ROSC (Reports on the Observance of Standards and Codes) assessments
  • Well-resourced, professionally supported, participatory client-driven action-planning processes to convert the high-level policy recommendations of the ROSC assessments into detailed, costed action plans for reform, supported by all the relevant stakeholders
  • Direct involvement of representatives/staff of the relevant EU and international institutions in the diagnostic and advisory dimensions of the program
  • Advisory services and technical assistance at both country and regional level
  • Cutting edge and cost effective knowledge management technology to share best practices across our partner countries

An updated and expanded web presence for the CFRR is currently in progress and will be available soon.