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BRIEF June 15, 2021

East Asia and Pacific Chief Economist Team - Selection of Journal Publications


Aaditya Mattoo

·         Liu X., Mattoo, A., Wang, Z., and Wei, S. J. (2020) Services development and comparative advantage in manufacturing, Journal of Development Economics, 144, 102438

·         Mattoo, A., and Staiger, R. (2020), Trade Wars: What do they Mean? Why are they Happening Now? What are the Costs?, Economic Policy

·         Constantinescu, C., Mattoo, A., and Ruta, M. (2020) Policy Uncertainty, Trade, and Global Value Chains: Some Facts, Many Questions, Review of Industrial Organization

·         Fernandes, A. M., Mattoo, A., Nguyen, H., and Schiffbauer, M. (2019) The internet and Chinese exports in the pre-Ali Baba era, Journal of Development Economics, 138, 57-76

·         Constantinescu, C., Mattoo, A., and Ruta, M. (2020) The global trade slowdown: cyclical or structural?, The World Bank Economic Review, 34(1), 121-142

Andrew Mason

·         Zhi, H., Huang, Z., Huang, J., Rozelle, S. D., and Mason, A. D. (2013) Impact of the global financial crisis in rural China: Gender, off-farm employment, and wagesFeminist Economics19(3), 238-266.

·         Baez, J. E., Kronick, D., and Mason, A. D. (2013) Rural Households in a Changing Climate, The World Bank Research Observer, 28(2), 267-289.

·         Rozelle, S., Dong, X. Y., Zhang, L., and Mason, A. (2002) Gender wage gaps in post‐reform rural China, Pacific Economic Review, 7(1), 157-179.

·         Mason, A. D. (1996), Targeting the poor in rural Java, IDS Bulletin, 27(1), 67-82.

Ergys Islamaj

·         Islamaj, E., Kose, M. A., Ohnsorge, F. L., and Ye, L. S. (2019) Explaining recent investment weakness: causes and implications, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade

·         De, S., Islamaj, E., Kose, M. A.,  Reza Yousefi, S., (2019) Remittances over the business cycle: Theory and evidence, Economic Notes: Review of Banking, Finance and Monetary Economics 48 (3), e12143

·         Islamaj, E., Kose, M. A. (2016) How does the sensitivity of consumption to income vary over time? International evidence, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control

Elizaveta Perova

·         Halim, D., Johnson, H.C., and Perova, E. (2019), Preschool Availability and Female Labor Force Participation: Evidence from Indonesia, Revise and resubmit to Economic Development and Cultural Change

·         Chowdhury, I., Johnson, H. C., Mannava, A., and Perova, E. (2019) Gender Gap in Earnings in Vietnam: Why Do Vietnamese Women Work in Lower Paid Occupations? Journal of Southeast Asian Economies

·         Perova, E., and Reynolds, S., (2016) Women's police stations and intimate partner violence: Evidence from Brazil, Social Science and Medicine

Francesca de Nicola

·         de Nicola, F., Kessler, M. and Nguyen, H. (2020) The financial costs of the United States-China trade tensions: evidence from East Asian stock markets, Review of World Economics, 156, pp. 803–833

·         Hill, R. V., Kumar, N., Magnan, N., Makhija, S., de Nicola, F., Spielman, D. J., and Ward, P. S. (2019) Ex ante and ex post effects of hybrid index insurance in Bangladesh, Journal of Development Economics, 136, pp. 1-17

·         de Nicola, F., De Pace, P., and Hernandez, M. A. (2016) Co-movement of major commodity price returns: time-series assessment, Energy Economics, 57, pp. 28-41

·         de Nicola, F. (2015) The impact of weather insurance on consumption, investment, and welfare, Quantitative Economics, 6(3), pp. 637-661

·         de Nicola, F., and Giné, X. (2014) How accurate are recall data? Evidence from coastal India, Journal of Development Economics, (106), pp. 52-65

Hillary C. Johnson

·         Halim, D., Johnson, H.C., and Perova, E. (2021), Preschool Availability and Female Labor Force Participation: Evidence from Indonesia. Economic Development and Cultural Change, 69.

·         Chowdhury, I., Johnson, H.C., Mannava, A., and Perova, E. (2019), Gender Gap in Earnings in Vietnam: Why do Vietnamese Women Work in Lower Paid Occupations. Journal of Southeast Asian Economies, 36(3), 400-423

Jonathan Timmis

·         DeStefano, T., Kneller, R., and Timmis, J. (2018), Broadband Infrastructure, ICT use and Firm Performance: Evidence for UK firms, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 155, pp. 110 - 139.

·         C. Criscuolo and Timmis, J. (2018), The Changing Structure of GVCs: Are Hubs Central for Firm Performance?, International Productivity Monitor, 34, pp. 64-80

·         Kneller, R. and Timmis, J. (2016), ICT and Exporting: The Effects of Broadband on the Extensive Margin of Business Service Exports, Review of International Economics, 24 (4), pp. 757-796.

Duong Le

·         T.X. Hoang, D.T. Le, H.M. Nguyen, N.D.T. Vuong (2020) Labor Market Impacts and Responses: The Economic Consequences of a Marine Environmental Disaster, Journal of Development Economics, 147, 102538.

·         Le, D.T., Malesky, E., Pham, A. (2020) The Impact of Local Corruption on Business Tax Registration and Compliance: Evidence from Vietnam, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 117, pp. 762-786.