Africa Trade Policy Notes

January 12, 2015


The Africa Trade Policy Notes series provides accessible summaries of the key policy messages coming from work on trade and regional integration by the Africa Region of the World Bank.

The policy notes cover a wide range of traditional and emerging trade issues for African countries, including trade policy and agreements, trade in services, export competitiveness, trade facilitation, non-tariff barriers to trade, and distributional effects of trade and trade policy reform. 

This series of policy notes and much of the work upon which they are based is supported by the Multi-Donor Trust Fund for Trade 2 which is supported by the governments of the Sweden, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

Policy Note No. 43: Benefits of the ECOWAS and EPA will Outweigh Costs in Nigeria, but Competitiveness is the Real Issue Antoine Coste, Erik von Uexkull

Policy Note 42: Domestic Obstacles to Trade and Transport in Nigeria and their Impact on Competitiveness Antoine Coste

Policy Note 41: Improving Behavior at Borders to Promote Trade Formalization: The Charter for Cross-Border Traders Paul Brenton, Nora Dihel, Mombert Hoppe, Carmine Soprano

Policy Note No.40: "Tourism in Africa: Harnessing Tourism for Growth and Improved Livelihoods" Iain Christie, Eneida Fernandes, Hannah Messerli, and Louise Twining-Ward

Policy Note No.39: "Reducing Dwell Time to Boost Efficiency at the Port of Cotonou" David Cal MacWilliam

Policy Note No.38: "Unshackling Women Traders: Cross-Border Trade of Eru from Cameroon to Nigeria" Louis Njie Ndumbe

Policy Note No.37: "Where Informal Procedures are Quasi-Formal – Cross-Border Trade between West and Central Africa" Mukhtar Amin and Mombert Hoppe

Policy Note No.36: "Regional Trade of Food Staples and Crop Inputs in West Africa" John Keyser

Policy Note No.35: "How to Push Efficiency Enhancing Reforms at the Port of Dar Es Salaam?" Jacques Morisset, Charles Moret, and Julie Regolo


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French Translations

Notes de politique commerciale, Note 37 : "Formalisation des procédures informelles - le commerce transfrontalier entre l'Afrique occidentale et centrale" Mukhtar Amin and Mombert Hoppe

Notes de politique commerciale, Note 33 : "Normes de qualité régionales pour les denrées alimentaires en Afrique : L’harmonisation n’est pas toujours appropriée." John Keyser

Notes de politique commerciale, Note 30 : "Elimination des obstacles au commerce entre le Ghana et le Nigeria: Renforcer l'intégration régionale par la mise en oeuvre des engagements de la CEDEAO" Mombert Hoppe and Francis Aidoo

Notes de politique commerciale, Note 28 : "Les interdictions d’importation au Nigeria augmentent la pauvreté" Volker Treichel, Mombert Hoppe, Olivier Cadot, Julien Gourdon

Notes de politique commerciale, Note 13: "Réforme des douanes africaines : les résultats des contrats de performance au Cameroun" Thomas Cantens, Gael Raballand, Nicholas Strychacz, Tchapa Tchouawou.

Notes de politique commerciale, Note 11: "Les femmes pauvres qui pratiquent le commerce transfrontalier dans le région des Grands Lacs de l'Afrique" Paul Brenton, Celestin Bashinge Bucekuderhwa, Caroline Hossein, Shiho Nagaki, et Jean Baptiste Ntagoma.

Notes de politique commerciale, Note 6: "Le commerce des services en Afrique: opportunités et dangers des accords de partenariat économiques" Paul Brenton, Nora Dihel, Larry Hinkle, et Nicholas Strychacz.

Notes de politique commerciale, Note 5: "Réforme et intégration régionale des services professionnels en Afrique de l'Est" Nora Dihel, Ana Margarida Fernandes, Aaditya Mattoo et Nicholas Strychacz.