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Tokyo Development Learning Center (TDLC)

Knowledge Sharing: Technical Deep Dives (TDDs)

The TDLC Technical Deep Dives offer first-hand knowledge exchange opportunities for World Bank clients and staff to deepen their knowledge on specific themes through intensive study tours and various peer learning opportunities. Technical Deep Dives are an immersive approach for knowledge exchange which incorporates eLearning, peer-to-peer/city-to-city learning, site visits, action planning and just-in-time technical assistance to provide participants with the knowledge they need to effectively design and implement solutions to their most complex development challenges.

The length of the Technical Deep Dives varies but usually last four to five days. The number of participants is typically about 50 from around 10-15 different countries and including a mix of client city representatives and World Bank experts

Delegates to the Technical Deep Dives benefit from:

  • Cutting-edge policy thinking and technical knowledge delivered through engaging learning sessions;Peer learning and networking through experience exchange sessions;Experimental knowledge exchanges through site visits;
  • Opportunity to engage directly with Japanese municipalities, ministries, transit agencies, the private sector and academia, to learn innovative solutions and to identify areas of further collaboration and knowledge exchange;
  • Access to follow-up operational support to assist in the successful application of knowledge gained through the TDD, provided through TDLC’s operational support component.

Voices of TDD Participants
"The TDD experience has allowed me to have innovative approaches in the preparation of certain projects. This was possible through the presentations and exchanges with the various experts." (A delegate from Cote d'Ivoire)


VIDEO Jul 23, 2019

TOD Urbanscapes TDD Interview Video

Ms. Ishita Abonee, Urban Development Specialist at the World Bank Group, is talking about her impression about Fukuoka city and how the local initiatives give hints to her clients in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

TDLC Knowledge Management Team
Shin Tanabe (Mr.)

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