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BRIEF September 28, 2023

Japan’s Ministry of the Environment visits TDLC

Japan MoE meeting with TDLC

On September 20, 2023, officials of the Global Environmental Bureau of Japan’s Ministry of the Environment (MOE) visited TDLC to explore further collaboration, especially on the climate change agenda. MOE is a major resource of TDLC for its Technical Deep Dives such as on nature-based solutions for climate resilience. The MOE indicated its interest in reaching out to the World Bank clients in the Africa region and potentially participate in the African Clean Cities Platform (ACCP) that holds knowledge exchange and capacity building events twice per year. The MOE officials also shared information on the Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM), a financing window aiming to facilitate diffusion of leading decarbonizing technologies and infrastructure, through investment by Japanese entities, thereby contributing to GHG emission reductions or removals and sustainable development in partner countries. TDLC informed the MOE officials of the upcoming TDDs as well as knowledge events including those the relate to sustainable waste management practices in Japan. The meeting concluded with both sides committing to share information on activities that will be disseminated through the knowledge events of TDLC.