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Measuring Agricultural Labor. A Guidebook for Designing Household Surveys


This Guidebook focuses on agricultural labor related to crop production and post-harvest activities on household farms. Future research will explore other areas of household farming labor, including livestock production, fishing, hunting, and gathering of agricultural products. Section two presents’ concepts and definitions that are commonly used throughout the guidebook. Section three illustrates the analytical and policy relevance of measuring work on household farms. In section four, the methodological options for collecting household farm labor are shown, along with an explanation of the survey design tradeoffs and the requirements of each method regarding the respondent’s burden and time, as well as human and financial resources. Section five recommends methods for measuring agricultural labor on household farms for different survey objectives. While the primary emphasis is on measuring household labor, recommendations are also made for measuring hired, free or exchange labor used by farming households


  • Akiko Sagesaka
  • Amparo Palacios-Lopez
  • Akuffo Amankwah

Issued on

Sep, 2021