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Latin America and the Caribbean Gender Innovation Lab

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Areas of Work

The LACGIL works in the four thematic areas prioritized in the World Bank’s global gender strategy: Human Endowments, More & Better Jobs, Ownership & Control Over Assets, and Voice & Agency. The LACGIL carries out both ‘inferential studies’ to identify gender gaps and their drivers and ‘impact evaluations’ to test solutions to these gaps.

Examples of our work in the four thematic areas can be found below.

The LACGIL has:

  • Provided assessment on demand and supply estimations under social security reform scenarios and the potential effects on maternal participation in paid work in Mexico
  • Generated a map of childcare programs and provision gaps in areas with higher employment opportunities for women in Honduras
  • Assessed the public system of care in Mexico
  • Stimulated aspirations of children in school and have helped boys and girls transition from school to the workplace in Brazil and Uruguay
  • Analyzed the financing schemes for childcare services in the post-pandemic context in Chile

The LACGIL has:

  • Explored the COVID-19 effects on women workforce participation in Chile
  • Analyzed the cross-over of women-led firms into male dominated sectors in Mexico and Peru
  • Increased the share of female managers in the education sector in Peru
  • Provided training and employment in care services to foster the development of a network of caregivers in the Dominican Republic

The LACGIL has:

  • Invested in digital technology to increase market access for women agri-preneurs in Guatemala
  • Supported women entrepreneurs to increase their profits in their business in Mexico
  • Provided assessment of profits gaps determinants comparing women and men-owned firms in Mexico and Central America
  • Supported Women-led MSMEs through capital-centric interventions in Haiti

The LACGIL has:

  • Improved measurement of intimate partner violence (IPV) in Peru
  • Assessed the impacts of crime on girls and women’s economic decision in El Salvador
  • Analyzed the gender wage gap influence intimate partner violence through evidence from administrative health data in Brazil
  • Provided research on dynamics and youth trajectories in urban vulnerable communities of Buenos Aires in Argentina

Example of LACGIL Projects


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