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Latin America and the Caribbean Gender Innovation Lab

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Areas of Work

The new  World Bank's Gender Strategy 2024-2030 focuses on three strategic objectives: end gender-based violence and elevate human capital, expand and enable economic opportunities, and engage women as leaders. 

Within these areas, the LACGIL carries out both ‘inferential studies’ to identify gender gaps and their drivers and ‘impact evaluations’ to test solutions to these gaps.

Examples of our work in the three strategic objectives can be found below.


1. Foundational wellbeing: End Gender-based Violence & Elevate Human Capital

  • BRAZIL: The Nerds, the Cool, and the Central: Peer Education and Teen Pregnancy in Brazil (Forthcoming)

  • HONDURAS: Mapping Childcare Programs and Gaps in Provision in Areas with Employment Opportunities for Women in Honduras (Forthcoming)  

  • URUGUAY: Facilitating the School to Work Transition of Young Women (English & Spanish) (November, 2022)


2. Economic participation: Expand and Enable Economic Opportunities

3. Leadership: Engage Women as Leaders

  • LAC: Unleashing Aspirations While Ensuring Opportunities could Help Reduce Teenage Pregnancy in Latin America and the Caribbean (Forthcoming)

  • PERU: Reducing Gender Gaps in Access to Management Positions: Experimental Evidence from Peru (Forthcoming)

  • MEXICO: Women Entrepreneurs in Mexico: Breaking Sectoral Segmentation and Increasing Profits (English & Spanish) (October 2020)


    More of our publications below:

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