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World Bank’s KoDi Supports Fiji in Strengthening Cybersecurity

The Importance of Digital Strategy in Economic Development

The Republic of Fiji has adopted a national digital strategy to promote innovation, boost Fiji’s cybersecurity, attract private sector investment, and position itself as a leading player in digital technology. These objectives are in alignment with Fiji’s National Development Plan, which places emphasis on upgrading the telecommunications infrastructure, digitizing government services to enhance disaster response, and promoting competition among broadband service providers.

As Fiji continues to embrace digital innovations, it is confronted with a heightened risk of cyber threats. In addition, natural catastrophes pose an additional challenge to the integrity of its essential infrastructure, which includes elements such as information systems and telecommunications networks. As a response, the government has enacted the Cybersecurity Act (2021) and Online Safety Act (2018), as well as developed a National Cybersecurity Strategy (2016), with the intention of creating a more secure digital environment.

Enhancing the Safeguarding of Critical Infrastructure and Skilled Workforce

The government of Fiji has prioritized engagement across sectors and with key partners to strengthen Fiji’s cybersecurity. A workshop was held in Suva in December 2023, organized by the Korea Digital Development program (KoDi) in partnership with the World Bank, the Fijian Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Home Affairs, and the Korea Internet & Security Agency.

Participants explored the concept of critical infrastructure and cyber hazards, delving into practical examples of cybersecurity policies that prove advantageous. Furthermore, the workshop provided a platform for participants to share ideas of how to cultivate a skilled workforce to effectively manage and mitigate cyber threats and discuss developing and implementing a critical infrastructure protection policy that meets the specific needs of Fiji, taking inspiration from successful approaches used globally.

A Guide to Building a Secure and Resilient Cyberspace

Moving forward, the World Bank and the government of Fiji will continue their collaboration to establish the parameters of a national cybersecurity center with a cyber incident response team and guidelines for how it functions.

The World Bank's KoDi program serves as a testament to the power of collaboration in tackling complex cybersecurity issues and highlights the World Bank’s ongoing commitment to support Fiji’s digital strategy. As the country continues strengthening its digital safeguards, it sets an example for other nations looking to bolster their cybersecurity capabilities in an increasingly interconnected world.

Participants at a workshop held in Suva, Fiji organized by the World Bank Korea Digital Development program on cybersecurity