ICP Asia and the Pacific

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Asian Development Bank (ADB)

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Participating Economies and National Implementing Agencies (NIAs), ICP 2017 Cycle:

Code Name NIA NIA Website
BGD Bangladesh Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics http://www.bbs.gov.bd
BTN Bhutan National Statistics Bureau http://www.nsb.gov.bt/main/main.php
BRN Brunei Darussalam Department of Economic Planning and Statistics http://www.depd.gov.bn
KHM Cambodia National Institute of Statistics http://www.nis.gov.kh
CHN China National Bureau of Statistics of China http://www.stats.gov.cn/english
FJI Fiji Bureau of Statistics http://www.statsfiji.gov.fj
HKG Hong Kong SAR, China Census and Statistics Department http://www.censtatd.gov.hk
IND India Central Statistics Office http://mospi.nic.in
IDN Indonesia Badan Pusat Statistik-Statistics Indonesia http://www.bps.go.id
LAO Lao PDR Lao Statistics Bureau http://www.lsb.gov.la
MYS Malaysia Department of Statistics Malaysia http://www.dosm.gov.my
MDV Maldives National Bureau of Statistics http://statisticsmaldives.gov.mv/
MNG Mongolia National Statistics Office of Mongolia https://en.nso.mn
MMR Myanmar Central Statistical Organization & Ministry of Planning, Finance and Industry https://www.csostat.gov.mm | https://www.mopfi.gov.mm
NPL Nepal Central Bureau of Statistics https://cbs.gov.np
PAK Pakistan Pakistan Bureau of Statistics http://www.pbs.gov.pk
PHL Philippines Philippine Statistics Authority http://www.psa.gov.ph
SGP Singapore Department of Statistics http://www.singstat.gov.sg
LKA Sri Lanka Department of Census and Statistics http://www.statistics.gov.lk
TWN Taiwan, China Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics
THA Thailand Trade Policy and Strategy Office & National Economic and Social Development Council  http://www.tpso.moc.go.th/en/home_en | https://www.nesdc.go.th/nesdb_en/main.php?filename=index
VNM Vietnam General Statistics Office http://www.gso.gov.vn